ion exchange materials properties and applications pdf

Ion exchange materials properties and applications pdf

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Characterization of ion-exchange membrane materials: properties vs structure

Ion-Exchange Chromatography and Its Applications

Ion Exchange

Column Chromatography. Ion chromatography separation is based on ionic or electrostatic interactions between ionic and polar analytes, ions present in the eluent and ionic functional groups fixed to the chromatographic support. Two distinct mechanisms as follows; ion exchange due to competitive ionic binding attraction and ion exclusion due to repulsion between similarly charged analyte ions and the ions fixed on the chromatographic support, play a role in the separation in ion chromatography. Ion exchange has been the predominant form of ion chromatography to date [ 2 ].

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Ion-exchange materials, currently dominated by resins, are widely used in a plethora of areas. However, the drawbacks of conventional resins necessitate the creation of a new model of ion exchange materials that feature controllable swelling, easily accessible ion exchange sites, high ion exchange capacity, fast ion exchange kinetics, and high chemical stability as illustrated herein in the context of functionalizing a porous organic polymer POP with ion exchange groups. The advantages of POP-based ion exchange materials in comparison with conventional resins and other types of ion exchange materials have been highlighted through an evaluation of their performances in scavenging precious metals at trace concentrations, removal of nuclear waste model ions, and size-selective ion capture. Our work thereby provides a new perspective to develop ion functionalized POPs as a versatile type of ion exchange materials for various applications. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Material from this article can be used in other publications provided that the correct acknowledgement is given with the reproduced material.

Ion exchange is the reversible exchange of ions of the same charge between a solution and an insoluble solid in contact with it; or between two electrolytes; or between an electrolyte solution and a complex. Further information categories about related topics are listed in the navigation menu on the left side of these page. Ion Exchange Chromatography Tutorial - [e]. Ion Exchangers The applications of ion exchange today rangefrom water purification to separation of various antibiotics from fermentation broths. These web pages aim to introduce some understanding for the process of ion exchange - [e]. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange Ion Exchange Materials: Properties and Applications.

Characterization of ion-exchange membrane materials: properties vs structure

This review focuses on the preparation, structure and applications of ion-exchange membranes formed from various materials and exhibiting various functions electrodialytic, perfluorinated sulphocation-exchange and novel laboratory-tested membranes. A number of experimental techniques for measuring electrotransport properties as well as the general procedure for membrane testing are also described. The review emphasizes the relationships between membrane structures, physical and chemical properties and mechanisms of electrochemical processes that occur in charged membrane materials. The water content in membranes is considered to be a key factor in the ion and water transfer and in polarization processes in electromembrane systems. We suggest the theoretical approach, which makes it possible to model and characterize the electrochemical properties of heterogeneous membranes using several transport-structural parameters. These parameters are extracted from the experimental dependences of specific electroconductivity and diffusion permeability on concentration.

Effective date : Fibrous ion exchange materials comprise a macroporous fibrous mass such as a woven or non-woven fabric, having macroreticular ion exchange resin in the interstices between the fibers. They may be made by taking up monomer into the interstices and there polymerising the monomer in an aqueous medium in the presence of organic solvent insoluble or only sparingly soluble in water to form macroreticular polymer to which ion exchange functional groups are added. The materials may be used to remove or exchange ions in fluid, especially liquid or vapour, media. This invention is concerned with fibrous ion exchange materials,. The materials of the invention have a fibrous matrix with macroreticular ion exchange resin distributed in the interstices between fibers therein.

Ion-Exchange Chromatography and Its Applications

Ion Exchange Materials: Properties and Applications fills a "two-dimensional" gap in books currently available on the subject. Firstly, there is a lack of modern comprehensive publications on the chemistry of ion exchange materials and on the relationships between their properties and practical applications. The book bridges these gaps by describing classical and modern theoretical concepts, as well as practical approaches for using ion exchange materials. Ion exchange materials combine properties of homogeneous and heterogeneous materials. Besides being an interesting subject for investigation, they are essential in a wide variety of industrial technologies: in the chemical and biochemical industries, pharmacy, medicine, microelectronics, the nuclear industry, food production, waste treatment, and many other areas.

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Ion Exchange

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Ion Exchange Materials: Properties and Applications

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