governor general of india and their work in marathi pdf

Governor general of india and their work in marathi pdf

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General Knowledge for IAS Exams (Governor-General and Viceroys)

GK Questions and Answers on the Governors-General of British India

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General Knowledge for IAS Exams (History of India and World)

Download this as PDF. The Governors-General were originally the head of the British administration in India during Colonial rule. The Regulating Act, however, granted them additional powers relating to foreign affairs and defence.

Through this mechanism new policy initiatives are also promoted. Management of major crisis situations in the country and coordinating activities of various Ministries in such a situation is also one of the functions of the Cabinet Secretariat. Before the adoption of the portfolio system in the Government of India, all Governmental business was disposed of by the Governor-General in Council, the Council functioning as a Joint Consultative Board. As the amount and complexity of business of the Government increased, the work of the various Departments was distributed amongst the members of the Council, only the more important cases being dealt with by the Governor-General or the Council collectively. This procedure was legalized by the Indian Councils Act, during the time of Lord Canning, leading to the introduction of the portfolio system and the inception of the Executive Council of the Governor-General.

General Knowledge for IAS Exams (Governor-General and Viceroys)

Acquisition of territories in Malay Penisula; Capture of Bharatpur Lord W. Concluded a treaty of perpetual friendship with Ranjit Singh ; Passed the Charter Act of , which provided that no Indian subject of Company was to be debarred from holding an office on account of his religion, place of birth, descent and colour. On recommendation of Macaulay Committee made English the medium of higher education in India. Bentick —35 : First Governor-General of India. Lord Ellenborough —44 : Brought an end to the Afghan War. Annexation of Sindh ; War with Gwalior

GK Questions and Answers on the Governors-General of British India

The office of Governor-General was created under the Regulating Act of In this article, we have created 10 GK Questions and Answers on the Governors-General of British India, according to the evolving nature of competitive examinations. In which year the office of Governor-General was created during British India? Hence, A is the correct option. Hence, B is the correct option.

Governor-general , official set over a number of other officers, each of whom holds the title of governor or lieutenant governor. An alternative term sometimes used is governor in chief. The office has been used by most colonial powers but is perhaps best known among the countries of the Commonwealth. In British constitutional practice, the powers of a governor-general, like those of a governor, must be derived either from a commission granted by the crown or from some other statute of either imperial or local legislation. In the case of dependent territories , the title governor-general is now usually restricted to federations. During the evolution of the British Empire into the Commonwealth of Nations, the status and function of the office of governor-general underwent changes corresponding to the progress of territories toward self-government and independence. These changes were of the same character as those in the status and functions of governor from the time of the earliest colonies to the 20th century, in which local legislatures developed from official and nominated bodies into elected bodies with full autonomy.

[PDF] Download PDF of Governor General of India List in English for free Bencoolen) were not allowed to declare war on or make peace with an Indian prince Establishment of the Public Works Department Venue, Timings & Dates; UP Board Center List ; Marathi Calendar ; Yamuna.

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On February 2, , British politician Thomas Babington Macaulay circulated Minute on Education , a treatise that offered definitive reasons for why the East India Company and the British government should spend money on the provision of English language education, as well as the promotion of European learning, especially the sciences, in India. While The Minute acknowledged the historic role of Sanskrit and Arabic literature in the Subcontinent, it also contended that they had limitations. A month after its circulation, the Minute became policy, when William Bentinck, the governor general of India, signed the resolution.

Governor General of India List 2021 PDF

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General Knowledge for IAS Exams (History of India and World)

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    The Regulating Act of created the office with the title of Governor-General of Presidency of Fort William, or Governor-General of Bengal to be appointed by.


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