made to break technology and obsolescence in america pdf

Made to break technology and obsolescence in america pdf

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Throwaway culture

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Made to Break

Throwaway culture

Welcome to the world of planned obsolescence—a business model, a way of life, and a uniquely American invention that this eye-opening book explores from its beginnings to its perilous implications for the very near future. Made to Break is a history of twentieth-century technology as seen through the prism of obsolescence. History reserves a privileged place for those societies that built things to last—forever, if possible. What place will it hold for a society addicted to consumption—a whole culture made to break? This book gives us a detailed and harrowing picture of how, by choosing to support ever-shorter product lives we may well be shortening the future of our way of life as well. Buy Elsewhere Bookshop.

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So it would seem for the Centennial Light. An astonishing, record-setting years after someone first flipped it on, this light bulb is still faintly shining in a fire station in Livermore, California. You can see it for yourself on a webcam that refreshes every 30 seconds. Surely, if an incandescent bulb made with 19th Century technology can last so long, why not new-fangled, 20th and even 21st Century bulbs? The Centennial Light is often pointed to as evidence for the supposedly sinister business strategy known as planned obsolescence. The answer: yes, but with caveats. Beyond the crude caricature of greedy companies wantonly fleecing their customers, the practice does have silver linings.

It aims to consider the scope of the applicable similar norms in Portuguese and Brazilian legal systems. Professora Auxiliar da Universidade Portucalense. Coimbra: Almedina, Comunicaciones en Propiedad Industrial y Derecho de la Competencia, n. El nuevo derecho contra la competencia desleal. Madrid: Civitas, Hampshire: Ashgate,

Cultures of Obsolescence pp Cite as. In a Ikea commercial, a woman unplugs a red desk lamp and carries it out of her home, depositing it with a bag of garbage on the sidewalk. A spare piano score emphasizes the sad fate of the unloved red lamp until, suddenly, a man appears out of the darkness. He addresses the camera in an exaggerated Nordic accent. It has no feelings!

Made to break: technology and obsolescence in America I. Giles Slade. p. cm. can manufacturers learned how to exploit obsolescence, American consumers.

Made to Break

By Giles Slade. Cambridge, Mass. Cultures can achieve affluence either by wanting little and producing little or wanting much and producing much, anthropologist Marshall Sahlins taught us.

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