vlsi design interview questions and answers pdf

Vlsi design interview questions and answers pdf

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vlsi interview questions and answers

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This is really good questions of vlsi. Thanks for sharing. I liked your posts, I was wondering why such good content is not monetised are u waiting for adsense approval. This post really helps for those who are aiming for vlsi jobs!!!! Thank You!!!! Thank you For Sharing Information. What is metastability? When setup or hold window is violated in an flip flop then signal attains a unpredictable value or state known as metastability.

What is MTBF? What it signifies? How chance of metastable state failure can be reduced? What are the advantages of using synchronous reset? What are the disadvantages of using synchronous reset? What are the advantages of using asynchronous reset?

What are the disadvantages of using asynchronous reset? What are the 3 fundamental operating conditions that determine the delay characteristics of gate? How operating conditions affect gate delay? In a system with insufficient hold time, will slowing down the clock frequency help?

In a system with insufficient setup time, will slowing down the clock frequency help? Only on standard cells b. Standard cells and macros c. Only on macros d. Standard cells macros and IO pads. Only sequential cells b. No cells c. Only Buffers and Inverters d. Any cells. Because scan chains are group of flip flop b.

It does not have timing critical path c. It is series of flip flop connected in FIFO d. Useful skew b. Local skew c. Global skew d. Decreasing the spacing between the metal layers b. Shielding the nets c. Using long nets.

Clock nets b. Signal nets c. IO nets d. PG nets. Metal1 b. Metal2 c. Metal3 d. Minimum IR Drop b. Minimum EM c. Minimum Skew d. Minimum Slack. Before Placement b. After Placement c. Frequency b. Load Capacitance c. Supply voltage d. Threshold Voltage. Before Placement of std cells b. After Placement of Std Cells c. Reducing IR Drop b. Increase in metal width b. Increase in metal length c. Decrease in metal length d.

Lot of metal layers. Unit Tile cell b. Cell Convergence Pessimism Removal b. Cell Convergence Preset Removal c. Clock Convergence Pessimism Removal d. Clock Convergence Preset Removal. Utilization b. Aspect Ratio c. Antenna Ratio. Diode insertion b. Shielding c. Buffer insertion d. Double spacing. Setup b. Hold c. Both d. After placement c. After CTS. Max cap c. Max current density. Checking timing of routed design with out net delays b. Checking Timing of placed design with net delays c.

Checking Timing of unplaced design without net delays d. Checking Timing of routed design with net delays. Setup violation b. Hold violation c. Skew d. Left and Right sides b. Bottom and Top sides c. Middle d. Macros placed center of the die b. Macros placed left and right side of die c.

Macros placed bottom and top sides of die d. Placing cells at corners c. Distributing cells d. Min width b. Min spacing c. Min width - min spacing d. Placement c. Design Synthesis d.

vlsi interview questions and answers

In Boolean algebra, the true state is denoted by the number one, referred as logic one or logic high. While, the false state is represented by the number zero, called logic zero or logic low. And in the digital electronic, the logic high is denoted by the presence of a voltage potential. Binary number consists of either 0 or 1, in simple words number 1 represents the ON state and number 0 represents OFF state. These binary numbers can combine billion of machines into one machines or circuit and operate those machines by performing arithmetic calculations and sorting operations. A sequential circuit is a circuit which is created by logic gates such that the required logic at the output depends not only on the current input logic conditions, but also on the sequences past inputs and outputs. In Verilog, circuit components are prepared inside a Module.

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Home Curation Policy Privacy Policy. Physical Design Engineer Interview Questions. Latch up is a condition in which the parasitic components give rise to the establishment of low resistance conducting paths between VDD and VSS with disastrous results. Question High packing density.

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Did you also know that there is a set of questions that is likely to be repeatedly asked by interviewers across the industry, no matter who you talk with in the field of digital VLSI design? How valuable would be to get hold of that set of questions? You see, you already have a upper hand in your job search, as you have been doing research about interviews and about what kind of questions are asked in interviews.

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This is really good questions of vlsi. Thanks for sharing.

VLSI & ASIC Digital design interview questions

To be precise about Very-large-scale integration is the procedure of creating a combined circuit by merging hundreds of thousands of transistors or devices into a single chip. How do we design these complex chips? Storage of state values basic vlsi multiple choice questions answers. Types of Test Production testing Every fabricated chip is subjected to production tests The test patterns may not cover all possible functions and data ppgatterns but must have a high fault coverage of modeled faults The main driver is cost, since every device must be tested Test time must be absolutely minimizedtested. Testing A.

What voltage levels are connected to a p-type substrate and an n-type well through these connections, and why? To make the parasitic diodes reverse biased. What is their major purpose? How are design rules created? Such diagrams are especially useful in complex processses, such as DRAM processes. Go through VLSI book from beginning to the end 2. If possible solve all the problems at the end of the chapter 3.

If you can spare half an hour, then we guarantee job search success with VLSI interview questions

Digital Design Interview Questions - All in 1.


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