modulated waves theory and applications pdf

Modulated waves theory and applications pdf

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Published: 27.04.2021

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Frequency modulation

Frequency modulation FM is the encoding of information in a carrier wave by varying the instantaneous frequency of the wave.

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Although one of the earliest used forms of modulation it is still used today, mainly for long, medium and short wave broadcasting and for some aeronautical point to point communications. One of the key reasons for the use of amplitude modulation was its ease of use. The system simply required the carrier amplitude to be modulated, but more usefully the detector required in the receiver could be a simple diode based circuit. This meant that AM radios did not need complicated demodulators and costs were reduced - a key requirement for widespread use of radio technology, especially in the early days of radio when ICs were not available. The first amplitude modulated signal was transmitted in by a Canadian engineer named Reginald Fessenden.

Terahertz THz science and technology promise unique applications in high-speed communications, high-accuracy imaging, and so on. To keep up with the demand for THz systems, THz dynamic devices should feature large phase shift modulation and high speed. To date, however, only a few devices can efficiently manipulate the phase of THz waves. In this paper, we demonstrate that efficient phase modulation of THz waves can be addressed by an active and enhanced resonant metamaterial embedded with a nanostructured 2D electron gas 2DEG layer of a GaN high electron mobility transistor HEMT. The enhanced resonant metaunit couples the traditional dipolar and inductance-capacitance resonances together to realize a coupling mode with enhanced resonance. In addition, given the high-speed modulation ability of the HEMT, this concept provides a promising approach for the development of a fast and effective phase modulator in THz application systems.

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PDF File: Modulated Waves Theory And Applications Johns Hopkins Studies In The Mathematical. Sciences - PDFMWTAAJHSITMS 1/2. MODULATED.

Frequency modulation

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Width-modulated square-wave pulses for ultrasound applications Abstract: A method of output pressure control for ultrasound transducers using switched excitation is described. The method generates width-modulated square-wave pulse sequences that are suitable for driving ultrasound transducers using MOSFETs or similar devices.

We study the existence of modulated amplitude waves with non-trivial phase of a quasi-1D multicomponent Bose—Einstein condensate BEC in the presence of an external periodic potential. Mathematically, such coherent structures are doubly periodic solutions, in space and time, of a coupled system of Gross—Pitaevskii equations. For a binary BEC, the weak interaction regime is tackled by means of the averaging method and regular perturbation theory. The case of strong particle interaction is covered by a simple rescaling argument.

Herein, we present coastal-wave records under historically extreme conditions caused by a strong typhoon in Japan in The extreme typhoon generated large infragravity waves, reaching a height of 2 m in shallow water. We took advantage of the extraordinary conditions to analyze the effect of the energetic infragravity waves on the nearshore evolution of relatively short waves. Individual wave analyses clearly demonstrate that the instantaneous water-level rise and drawdown caused by the infragravity waves alternately decelerated and accelerated the breaking of short waves under extreme conditions. This mechanism transmitted the large short-wave energy on the infragravity wave crests to the shore, eventually increasing the height of the nearshore waves.

Applied Optics

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Amplitude modulation history

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