journal of computational and applied mathematics pdf

Journal of computational and applied mathematics pdf

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Journal Of Computational And Applied Mathematics

Trends in Computational and Applied Mathematics

Submisson of Manuscript. The JAMI is mainly devoted to original research articles. However, research-expository survey articles are sometimes solicited and accepted for publication. These are papers of the highest quality that present a clear and insightful exposition of significant aspects of contemporary mathematical research. Authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is under review by other journals.

Journal information

Reset Password. Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science. Information For Authors. This issue is currently in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable. Remember me. Vidyasagar, K. Madhulatha, B. Chaithra, P. Shankaran Further results on distance magic labeling of graphs J. Kusno - On the modeling of developable Hermite patches J. Surendra, K. Rajyalakshmi, B.

Apparao, G. Charankumar, Abhishek Dasore Forecast and trend analysis of gold prices in India using auto regressive integrated moving average model J. Sunarsih -, Sutrisno - Implementation of fuzzy optimization approach to facultative wastewater stabilization ponds problem considering fuzzy parameters J. Sunil Dattatray Sadegaonkar, Rajkumar Namdevrao Ingle Fractional order explicit finite difference scheme for time fractional radon diffusion equation in charcoal medium J.

Subbulakshmi, I. Valliammal Decomposition of generalized Petersen graphs into claws, cycles and paths J. Parthajit Bhowal Spectrum and energies of a graph J. Jeyaraman, L. Sahaya Amalraj, V. Ananthaswamy A mathematical study on entropy analysis in MHD forced convective flow through a circular channel J. Timothy Kom, O. Ratnabala Devi, Th. Esuabana, S. Ekoro, B. Ojo, U. Akindele, A. Ogunsola A study of non-isothermal permeable flow of nano-fluids in a stretchable rotating disk system J.

Rezaul Karim A new computational approach on signal propagation inside the cochlea J. Hoshan, Y. Al-Jarrah, E. Lin Numerical solution of a Fredholm integral equation of the second kind involving some dual series equations J. Agom, F. Ogunfiditimi, E. Bassey Analytical solution of nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations with cubic nonlinearity by extended Adomian decomposition method J. Bhange, H. Nibedita Mahanta, Ruma Talukdar Forecasting of electricity consumption in assam by using mathematical and time series models and comparison of their predictive performances J.

Tatik Widiharih, Mustafid -, Alan Prahutama, Sudarno - Nonminimally supported design for three parameters generalized exponential model J. Anne Mary Leema, V. Arul Flower Mary, P. Titus The edge geodetic vertex covering number of a graph J. Veninstine Vivik, P. Xavier Equitable coloring by spectral clustering in the distributed web networks J. Menaka, R. Manikandan The hyper Zagreb index of some product graphs J.

Sanjeev Gupta, Manoj Singh Generalized monotone mapping and resolvent equation technique with an application J. Pulkit Kumar Nadian, Rimple Pundir, Sudhir Kumar Pundir Study of double-diffusive convection in a rotating couple-stress ferromagnetic fluid in the presence of varying gravitational field and horizontal magnetic field saturating in a porous medium J.

Seeniraj, R. Jayaraman, D. Moganraj Steady state analysis of queueing system with random vacation subject to supplementary variable method J. Komala Durga, E. Chandrasekaran Optimal ordering policy for substitutable and complementary products under quadratic demand J. Helen Rajapushpam, P. Sivagami, G. Veena, Arundhati Warke Effect of externally applied transverse magnetic field on blood flow in tapered stenosed artery: by Frobenius method J.

Rajesh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Fixed points for weak contraction involving cubic terms of distance function J. Janaki, R. Arulprakasam, V. Dare Generalized Parikh matrices of picture array J. Hari Ganesh, M.

Suresh On solving interval data based assignment problem under fuzzy environment J. Shwetha, L. Dharmanna, Basavaraj S. Anami Novel feature set for automatic assessment and classification of breast tumor through back propagation artificial neural network J.

Lakshmi, B. Mahaboob, M. Rajaiah, C. Narayana Ordinary least squares estimation of parameters of linear model J. Vinitha, T. Johnson Semi p-correspondent topologies and nowhere p dense sets J.

Journal Of Computational And Applied Mathematics

Reset Password. Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science. Information For Authors. This issue is currently in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable. Remember me. Vidyasagar, K.

The mission of the journal is to publish papers that explore new computational methods for analyzing dynamic problems or use novel dynamical methods to improve computation. The subject matter of JCD includes both fundamental mathematical contributions and applications to problems from science and engineering. A non-exhaustive list of topics includes. JCD includes both original research and survey papers that give a detailed and illuminating treatment of an important area of current interest. The editorial board of JCD consists of world-leading researchers from mathematics, engineering, and science, all of whom are experts in both computational methods and the theory of dynamical systems.

Editor Board. Mohamed I. Othman, Zagazig University, Egypt. Scarpa 16 Roma, Italy. Ravi P. Rouben V. BP

The Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics publishes original papers of high scientific value in all areas of computational and applied.

Trends in Computational and Applied Mathematics

Preparation for a career in applied mathematics and computational science also involves being able to apply these skills to real-life problems, and achieving practical results. For example, everybody uses search engines to find information on the internet. Course Objective.

The Bulletin of Computational Applied Mathematics is an e-journal dedicated to the rapid dissemination of original research articles of high scientific value in all areas of computational applied mathematics. The research must deal with the use and application of computational and applied mathematics, and scientific computing in all areas of knowledge, usually in the form of mathematical computational models and algorithms. Contributions including applications to scientific problems in all areas of science and engineering are encouraged.

Journal of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics JAMSI serves as a venue for careful presentation of applied research in the core areas of informatics and information technologies, statistics and mathematics. The purpose of the JAMSI is to further the development of inter-disciplinary research that crosses the boundaries between computer science, mathematics and statistics. The journal aims to broaden the synergy between computer science and theoretical mathematics by world class scientists, writing to other scientists about advances, methods and findings behind the fundamentals.

Special Issues

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