education and poverty alleviation pdf

Education and poverty alleviation pdf

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Published: 30.04.2021

How does education affect poverty? It can help end it.

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How does education affect poverty? It can help end it.

Access to high-quality primary education and supporting child well-being is a globally-recognized solution to the cycle of poverty. This is, in part, because it also addresses many of the other issues can keep communities vulnerable.

Like a tree, poverty has many roots. But among the many causes of global poverty , one factor stands out: education. Not every person without an education is living in extreme poverty. But most of those living in extreme poverty do lack a basic education. Those living below the poverty line will also be more likely to keep their children out of school , which means that their children will also have a greater chance of living in poverty.

Education is often referred to as the great equalizer: It can open the door to jobs, resources, and skills that a family needs to not just survive, but thrive. Education directly correlates with many solutions to poverty, including:. According to UNESCO, if all students in low-income countries had just basic reading skills nothing else , an estimated million people could escape extreme poverty.

If all adults completed secondary education, we could cut the global poverty rate by more than half. The above points are some of the reasons that the United Nations named education its fourth Sustainable Development Goal. Education programs also support the development of knowledge and abilities i.

Children who receive quality primary education are more likely to develop these assets at a higher level. They can then use these abilities and skills to earn higher incomes or further develop other basic assets. Before giving people more opportunities to participate in society, we need to address some specific obstacles to participation. Often the most vulnerable people are not recognized as equals in their community. As a result, they lack representation, power, and status.

But, at an individual level, education is a basic human right for all. One of the biggest inequalities that perpetuates the cycle of poverty is gender. When gender inequality in the classroom is addressed, this has a ripple effect on the way women are treated in their communities. When girls are welcomed into the classroom, they can build skills, gain knowledge, and socially grow during their formative years. This establishes a foundation for lifelong learning. In the past decade, primary school enrollment has surged in Afghanistan.

It trends steadily downward through secondary school. Photo: Kieran McConville. One example of equality in education comes from Afghanistan. There, Concern developed a Community-Based Education program so students in rural areas can attend classes closer to home. In many of the countries where we work, the lives and livelihoods of the extremely poor are often tethered to conflict, epidemics, and natural disasters. But knowledge, as the old saying goes, is power. Besides reducing inequality, education can safeguard against vulnerability and risk.

This also reduces inequality. The ongoing Syrian conflict, for example, threatens to leave millions of Syrian refugee children a lost generation. Those living in Turkey are also faced with the language barrier between Arabic and Turkish. Our work with Syrian refugees here therefore includes Turkish language education.

This way, children can integrate into public schools. A young Syrian student practices his counting skills during a non-formal education session at an informal tented settlement in northern Lebanon. Photographer: Dalia Khamissy. In situations like war and epidemics, there are also psycho-social barriers to education. Many Syrian children living abroad are still processing the horrors of war.

Over time, helping kids to feel safe again will allow them to rebuild some of the social skills lost through trauma. They can then return to more academic-driven learning models. Similarly, in Sierra Leone during the West African Ebola epidemic , many healthy children were quarantined for weeks at a time. This threatened their schooling as well as their social skills. Over , of those students were female.

The right type of education is one of the best conflict strategies available to any society. Of those children who attend primary school, only Through a network of communities, we assisted girls in 20 project schools. This led to quality education access for more than 7, children in 25 schools. Many kids in the US head back to their classrooms over the coming weeks, but million children and youth As of , over 34 million girls of primary school age were out of school around the world.

When you Conflict, climate disaster, chronic poverty. The need now is more urgent than ever. Give now to help transform lives. Concern Worldwide US. First Name Vaccine equity: What, how, and when? Women Deserve Equality: Donate today to help fund Concern programs reaching women in extreme poverty.

How does education affect poverty? It can help end it. August 27, Written by Olivia Giovetti. Photo by Kieran McConville. Share Tweet Email. Pico Blvd. Donate Now facebook twitter instagram. Join Us Sign up for updates to stay informed.

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What is the nature and forms of the inequality and poverty in Northern Uganda? Development and Poverty 2. Education a Proportion of the population with primary education. Access to infrastructure Electricity. What are the economic implications of unequal access to basic education? Human Capital theory.

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Raditloaneng , Wapula, Chawawa , Morgan. This book illustrates the meaning and scope of lifelong learning and different types of poverty reduction programs prevalent generally in the African context and particularly in selected communities in Botswana.


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Education and Training in the Context of Poverty Reduction

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