work power and energy formulas pdf

Work power and energy formulas pdf

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CBSE Class 11 Physics Work, Energy and Power Formulas

Basic Physics Formulas Pdf


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CBSE Class 11 Physics Work, Energy and Power Formulas

Basic Physics Formulas Pdf. The Physics formulas are prepared considering exams and their difficulty level. Cylinder The height is 8 inches and the radius is 2 inches. Download physics-formulas PDF for free. Also includes the value of Physical constants. Geology majors will have expecta-tions of such a course that are different from the expectations of physics students. Plasma Physics rockets AJW August 22, rocket, the fuel and the oxidizer are stored in the rocket in liquid form and pumped into the combustion chamber.

Get Started. Hey, I'm Rajan. I'm determined to make your exam score grow. Lets start the free course. Position yourself for success with a comprehensive curriculum and guidance from seasoned mentors. Work done W by a force in displacing a body through a displacement x is given by.

Basic Physics Formulas Pdf

In physics , work is the energy transferred to or from an object via the application of force along a displacement. In its simplest form, it is often represented as the product of force and displacement. A force is said to do positive work if when applied it has a component in the direction of the displacement of the point of application. A force does negative work if it has a component opposite to the direction of the displacement at the point of application of the force. For example, when a ball is held above the ground and then dropped, the work done by the gravitational force on the ball as it falls is equal to the weight of the ball a force multiplied by the distance to the ground a displacement. Work is a scalar quantity , [1] so it has only magnitude and no direction.

Any force which conserves mechanical energy, as opposed to a nonconservative force. See statement of conservation of mechanical energy. Property of conservative forces which states that the work done on any path between two given points is the same. The energy of configuration of a conservative system. For formulae, see Definition of potential energy, gravitational potential energy, and Definition of potential energy given a position-dependent force.

It is measured by the product of the force and the distance moved in the direction of the force, i. The work done W by the agent is the product of the component of force in the direction of displacement and the magnitude of displacement. The negative sign indicates that the direction of the spring force is opposite to x, the displacement of the free-end. Anything which is able to do work is said to possess energy. Energy is measured in the same unit as that of work, namely, Joule. Mechanical energy is of two types: Kinetic energy and Potential energy. For an object of mass m and having a velocity v, the kinetic energy is given by: K.

Energy. • Work (definition). • Examples of work. • Work and Kinetic Energy Work and Potential Energy To calculate the work done on an object by a force.


In these notes a brief and simple explanation of all important topics is given which will help students make an easy and quick revision of the chapter during the examinations. Though these notes we bring a brief description of the important topics from the chapter which will help you revise the whole chapter quickly and easily during exam days. At the end of the notes you can try the questions asked from the discussed set of topics. These questions will help you to assess your preparation level and get a hold on the subject.

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Kinetic Energy and Work-Energy Theorem

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    Work, Energy and Power formulae Work of a constant force. (Force is parallel to displacement). (Work of force of friction) α cos. xF.

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    Power is the rate at which work is done.

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    Draw a force diagram and free body diagram. • Calculate the net work done on an object using the equation Wnet = Fnet∆xcosθ. • Define energy as the ability to​.

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    How do we calculate the work done? Energy transformed = work done = applied force x distance. We write this equation as. WD = F x d.


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