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Critical and Creative Thinking in the Australian Curriculum

Thinking Skills and Creativity

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Leonie McIlvenny. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Initially a primary school teacher, then proponents of critical and creative thinking The high-profile placement of Critical and teacher librarian, Leonie has taught in both as fundamental skills to be taught to Creative Thinking as a General Capability primary and secondary schools in the public students in a progressive, sequenced reflects the importance that is being placed and private sector in Western Australia.

It is now no longer possible, on this learning domain. This is further During her career, she has been a curriculum therefore, for schools to merely pay lip reinforced through the comprehensive consultant, online course developer, library service to or ignore the strategic placement support resources provided through consultant and ICT project manager for the of these skills within the curriculum.

More recently, Leonie For the first time we have a national Continuum. The theory from which this developed the Learning to Learn Program curriculum that not only explicitly identifies General Capability has been developed at Aquinas College. She is an instructional and names these skills but also ensures is also articulated in a research-based designer at Curtin University and head of the they are embedded across all learning rationale Critical and Creative Thinking iCentre at Iona Presentation College Perth.

Her interest in information literacy was the past schools selected or generated their driver behind the development of Studyvibe own models, approaches and scope and Unpacking the Critical and Creative sequence of skills. This was sometimes a and Countdown to Crunchtime, two study thinking General Capability websites to support high school students.

Therefore, while these skills are to be addressed in the Curriculum. Introduction some schools had dynamic programs, While there are many models and others provided little or no explicit teaching of these skills. Types of thinking Definition Examples Consider: The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians Critical thinking Students recognise or develop an interpreting, analysing, Divergent thinking argument, use evidence in support of evaluating, explaining, MCEETYA recognises that critical that argument, draw reasoned conclusions, sequencing, reasoning, and creative thinking are fundamental to and use information to solve problems.

The new inferring, hypothesising, Australian Curriculum explicitly identifies appraising, testing and critical and creative thinking as essential generalising. Products include complex two of six domains in their NETS-S for representations and students the standards for evaluating the images, investigations skills and knowledge students need to and performances, digital learn effectively and live productively in an and computer-generated increasingly global and digital world ISTE output The Partnership for 21st Century Metacognition Monitoring, evaluating and revising own Being able to describe Skills also identifies Critical Thinking and thinking their thinking processes Creativity as two of the 4Cs in the Learning and evaluate their and Innovation Skills Domain of the 21st effectiveness.

It also suggests strategies and pedagogical approaches that will assist in their development Table 1. These four domains have then been further broken down to identify specific skills such as reasoning, hypothesising, theorising and so on. The filter allows you to see area contexts at specific year levels only those outcomes that have been tagged Analysing, Inquiring — Table 2. The challenge will be to take the four four organising elements described above investigated scientifically and make organising elements and translate them to create a scope and sequence of six predictions based on scientific knowledge into pedagogical practices in the classroom.

This also provides Science Inquiry. It is not comprehensive but been articulated in the Australian In the past, there have been a number merely a starting point. Pedagogy Review programs Mapped curriculum. Audit with these new pedagogies? Review Professional Development? Map these resources and approaches The next paper will explore the affordances used by all students in the school.

Make a decision about which existing of critical and creative thinking, particularly Even though we now have a clearly mapped resources and approaches still serve in the context of inquiry learning. References relevant and should not be discounted 8. Develop an implementation plan that Anderson, L, Krathwohl, D et al. Research new pedagogies that will assist in the development of these Australian Government Department of 1.

Become familiar with where critical skills these pedagogies have arisen Education, Employment and Workplace and creative thinking are articulated out of the powerful opportunities Relations , Teaching Teachers for the in the Australian Curriculum. General through a range of technologies. Future, retrieved 10 February from Capabilities, Organising elements, Include the resources Krathwohl, D , Taxonomy of Educational 2.

Handbook I: Cognitive Domain, David thinking are explicitly described. Hawker Brownlow Education, Heatherton, Melbourne. It Education Services Australia , National 4. What are you already Australian schools. It does not discount or doing? Where are the gaps? It is, however, the perfect time to CA. Schlitz, published by Candlewick Press.

Point, an imprint of Roaring Brook Press. Caldecott Honor Books. Creepy Carrots! Brook Press. Have you been to the ASLA blog lately? Related Papers. Inquiry learning within the Australian Curriculum: Part Two. By Leonie McIlvenny. Inspired learning in the library: revisioning the library for the 21st century. Thinking Now - Critical, Creative and Digital. By Karen L Butler.

Developing critical thinking citizens through Civics and Citizenship: pedagogical implications. By Akshir Ab Kadir. Critical thinking and learner diversity in the Australian Curriculum: implications and epistemological tensions? Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up.

Critical and Creative Thinking in the Australian Curriculum

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Joe Y F Lau.

Research method was a quasi-experiment with data obtained from respondents from five different universities in Indonesia and analyzed using the multivariate tests. The results showed that the experiment model affected the learning outcomes more than genders. This study expected to provide a comparison in determining the types of suitable experiments for learning at colleges and schools. Abraham, A. The promises and perils of the neuroscience of creativity.

PDF | The study reported here described a small step in the direction of developing additional learning units within the traditional curriculum.

Thinking Skills and Creativity

Al-Biruni Stats. Almeida, L. Torrance test of creative thinking: The question of its construct validity. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 3, 53— Alrubaie, F.

Thinking Skills and Creativity

Abstract thinking is a great way to generate new ideas and gain new insights during any problem-solving process. Ask your staff what they need from you in order to think out of the box.

Scope and Sequence

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