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This is a Leanpub book. Leanpub empowers authors and publishers with the Lean Publishing process.

The Vagrant getting started tutorials will walk you through creating your first development environment with Vagrant. This quick start guide will give you a brief overview of the tutorial prerequisites and get you up and running. Install Vagrant by visiting the Vagrant downloads page and downloading the appropriate installer or package for your platform. Packages are available for Mac, Windows, and distributions of Linux. Set up your first Vagrant project by creating a project directory with a Vagrantfile at its root.

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This is a Leanpub book. Leanpub empowers authors and publishers with the Lean Publishing process. Lean Publishing is the act of publishing an in-progress ebook using lightweight tools and many iterations to get reader feedback, pivot until you have the right book and build traction once you do. Please help Erika Heidi by spreading the word about this book on Twitter!

The suggested hashtag for this book is vagrantcookbook. Getting Started. The Vagrantfile. Pro Tips. Advanced Topics. Vagrant Share. Vagrant Connect. Appendix One: Vagrant Changelog. According to Wikipedia, its a very old saying, with the Jack of All Trades part dating back to the early s.

Originally, it was a compliment, praising someone for their diversity and handiness. Some wiseguy later added Master of None and changed it to the insult we know today. Personally, that seems unfair. The world needs generalists: people who borrow from other languages, cross-pollinate between communities, reuse old tools for new purposes.

True, theyre often not the deepest experts in these fields. Yet they can make valuable contributions because they have so many references to draw from. Likewise, this book might say Vagrant Cookbook on the cover but if you dig deeper, youll find its about an entire ecosystem of tools. To get the most out of Vagrant, you need to know about provisioners, plugins, virtualization platforms, shell commands and more.

Luckily, you dont need to master any of them though thats always nice , you just need to be effective: A Jack or Jill of All Trades. If youre new to Vagrant, this book is going to teach you how to start and help you make decisions about what tools to use.

If already have Vagrant experience, the sections on alternative provisioners or multiple VMs are sure to have something new for you. Introducing Vagrant is often a first step towards DevOps. If thats the case for you, keep in mind the two virtues of communication and automation.

Communicating openly will expose you to new viewpoints, new concerns and new references. Automation will let your team wield powerful tools while distributing the time investment. Together, these two things will help you grow team members who are Jacks of All Trades, Master of Some. This book is full of great tips and tricks for using Vagrant but theres one lesson in particular I hope you take from it. Whether shes automating image processing or drawing cartoon elephants, her approach can only be described as joyful.

That she channeled this energy and talent into an excellent book about virtual machine management should remind us how amazing computers really are.

Her example encourages us to always set the bar just a little bit higher: not just in the work we do, but also in the fun we have. Thanks for picking up the Vagrant Cookbook. Youre in the right place. It was early , on my second visit to the AmsterdamPHP meetups.

The talk was from my dear friend Michelle Sanver a. Geekie , about Open Source. She was showing how easy it is to get involved and contribute to OSS projects, by simple cloning the project repository and running the mysterious command vagrant up. I started using Vagrant the next day. A few months later, and not before facing a considerable resistance from my coworkers and the lead developer they were using remote servers for testing - FTP upload for every single change , I was able to introduce Vagrant in the company I was working for.

Although that project was quite complex and creating a Puppet provision for it was slightly painful, it was a great opportunity to learn more about Vagrant and get used to the tricks and the automate all the things mindset.

After leaving the company and coming back to my independent projects, I started to submit some talks for PHP conferences, and naturally Vagrant was on top of my cool- subjects list. By that time, I was presented to LeanPub and found out the amazing platform they built for self-publishing - I must say that I personally love any service that promotes independent work. Its also no news that writing is a passion for me since I was little.

So, connecting the dots, it was an obvious decision: I should write about my experiences with Vagrant. This book is based on many experiments and lots of research, from a very curious and enthusiastic Vagrant user.

I tried to put together everything you need to have a pleasant experience with Vagrant, in a truly practical way. Acknowledgments A special thanks to all the people who helped me directly or indirectly, including Mitchell Hashimoto, Vagrants creator, not only for sharing such a great project with the developers community, but also for personally helping me to spread the word about my Vagrant usage research.

Thanks LeanPub for providing a complete self-publishing platform for independent writers, with so many nice features. A big thanks must go to my friend Ross Tuck for writing an inspired and truthful foreword for this book. I also would like to thank the PHP community, and specially the AmsterdamPHP user group, for the warm welcome I received since I moved from my hometown in Brazil to this amazing city, for the awesome friends I made and all support and encouragement they gave me.

And finally, I want to thank my husband, Hugo, for being incredibly supportive with my independent projects, for the faith he has in me and in my work. This book would hardly be possible without him. Introduction How many times did you hear the sentence but it works on my machine?

I bet you already said that too, because, well, it happens. We cant remember all the packages we already installed and all the configurations we set in our work machine, so it often takes some time to find out what went wrong when the project was shared to another co-worker, or worst, when deploying. Also, if we need to deal with multiple projects, how to manage the dependencies and different software versions possibly needed?

If you are not familiar with Vagrant, this is the right moment to get acquainted to it. Vagrant provides a portable and reproducible development environment using virtual machines, all set up in the project repository - just clone, run vagrant up and youre done. You will never be hostage of the works on my machine statement again; the environment is exactly the same for all developers, regardless of the operating system running behind Vagrant.

Vagrant for proprietary projects Vagrant can make your workflow way easier when you are working on a team; having the exact same testing environment for all co-workers will avoid many problems and add much more consistency to the overall project development.

Vagrant for open source projects Vagrant enables more developers to contribute to your open source project - just clone the repository and you are ready to go. Its not only about setting up the right environment, but also automating the process of installing a database, cloning repositories, adding data fixtures and even running tests. Experiment with different setups, build your multi- server infrastructure and make sure everything works before going to production.

What to expect from this book As a very practical guide, this book will cover Vagrant from the requirements and installation to slightly complex tasks, such as running multiple VMs and deploying real servers.

It will walk you through the most used Vagrant provisioners - Puppet, Chef and Ansible - showing their main characteristics and a quick guide to get you started. This book will also cover some important pro tips to create your Vagrant projects; and finally, a collection of recipes for common provisioner tasks, such as installing packages, using templates, running commands etc.

Vagrant Cookbook is updated to cover the most important new features from Vagrant 1. It targets beginner to intermediate users, also serving as a quick reference for provisioners Ansible, Puppet and Chef and how to improve your current Vagrant setups. Assumptions This book assumes you are a developer experienced with command line, and you know how to setup a Linux server - you need to understand the problem before you can automate the solution, right?

The tools we are going to use require some programming knowledge, since they work with concepts such as variables, conditionals and loops. This is a book about Vagrant, for people who are comfortable with programming and also system administration tasks like setting up a web server on Linux. Introduction 3. The examples in this book will target mostly the provisioning of PHP web servers, but just as a way to show practical real-life examples; you dont need to be a PHP developer and you dont need to like PHP in order to make a good use of this book.

Getting Started This chapter covers the basics - terminology, installation and general Vagrant usage - including how to initialize your first Vagrant virtual machine. How Vagrant Works Vagrant manages the process of creating a virtual machine based on your definitions, and uses automation tools such as Ansible and Puppet for provisioning the machine customization - installing packages, gathering information, performing tasks, etc.

By running a simple vagrant up, a virtual machine will be prepared according to what was setup on the projects configuration, and in a few minutes the project shall be up and running lets say, a web application , accessible through your local network. You can ssh to this virtual machine and do whatever you want, its just like a real one. Terminology Before going any further, its important to understand some of the terms and concepts used with Vagrant.

Boxes A box is basically a bundle containing an installed operating system and some basic stuff , for a specific provider e. Vagrant will replicate this basic image for your virtual machine. When you setup your project, you define which base box you want to use. The box will be downloaded and imported to the system when you use it for the first time.

Getting Started 5. The Guest machine, as you can guess, is the virtual machine started by the Host. Providers A provider will handle the virtualization process. Installation of extra plugins might be required for other providers to work. VMWare, for instance, also requires registering a license key. Provisioners A provisioner will automate the setup of your server, installing packages and performing tasks in general.

Using a provisioner is not mandatory, but not using it would make Vagrant worthless, since you would have to login and setup your environment manually, just as you were used to do before and you could just use VirtualBox alone. We have many provisioners available, from the basic Shell to complex automation systems like Chef.

Were going to talk about provisioners in more detail soon. Vagrantfile The Vagrantfile will hold your machine definitions, and its usually placed on your application root folder. This file is written in Ruby, but its basically a set of variable definitions, very straightforward. Well have a chapter dedicated to the Vagrantfile and its common configuration options.

Getting Started 6. With a shared folder, you can still edit your files with your favorite IDE installed on the Host machine, using the Guest machine only as a test server. However, keeping the files synced has a cost to the overall performance of your environment, we will talk about this in more detail on a later chapter.

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Vagrant is an open-source software product for building and maintaining portable virtual software development environments; [5] e. It tries to simplify the software configuration management of virtualizations in order to increase development productivity. Vagrant is written in the Ruby language , but its ecosystem supports development in a few languages. Vagrant was first started as a personal side-project by Mitchell Hashimoto in January The first version of Vagrant was released in March In October , Engine Yard declared that they were going to sponsor the Vagrant project.

Allows us to save so that we can rollback at a later time. Thanks for this nice cheat-sheet. Sometimes cheat-sheet are more user friendly than some documentation. Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 12 Stars Forks Embed What would you like to do?

Vagrant creator Mitchell Hashimoto shows you how to share a virtual machine image with members of your team, set up a separate virtualization for each project, and package virtual machines for use by others. Start creating development environments with Vagrant, and learn how to save time, avoid frustration, and prevent costly errors. Warship Fredrick is a really nice name quite old fashioned but its one of those names that doesn't age like some eg Ronald its a classic. Runninf cages need at least two platforms and Vaggant: at least four foot tall and two feet widedeep. Find out what treats he likes, mine likes 1st and schmakos.

vagrant cookbook.pdf

If you use Windows, we recommend that you skip Vagrant and just install VirtualBox. To create the VM, you can either download a pre-built Lubuntu One of the most common problem people encounter is that some browser e.

Explore a preview version of Vagrant: Up and Running right now. Discover why Vagrant is a must-have tool for thousands of developers and ops engineers. This hands-on guide shows you how to use this open source software to build a virtual machine for any purpose—including a completely sandboxed, fully provisioned development environment right on your desktop. Vagrant creator Mitchell Hashimoto shows you how to share a virtual machine image with members of your team, set up a separate virtualization for each project, and package virtual machines for use by others. This book covers the V1 1.

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