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Second language acquisition and universal grammar lydia white pdf

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Island Effects in Second Language Acquisition

Second Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar (2003)

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It also discusses some implications of several approaches to this issue and offers some speculation as to how the question is to be reformulated in the context of the Minimalist Program. The theory of Universal Grammar UG , especially in its Principles and Parameters PPT version, has exerted a very significant influence on research investigating second language acquisition L2A over the past 15 years. Yet whereas UG-based research on first language development almost unanimously agrees in viewing UG principles as constraining properties of children's grammars in essential ways, related issues are much more controversial in L2 studies. The question of whether or not UG continues to be accessible to second language learners has, in fact, been answered differently ever since it was first asked and has subsequently provoked a substantial number of conflicting suggestions and hypotheses. Approximately ten years ago, the state-of-the-art in this area of research was summarized by Eubank a and by the other contributions to Eubank b. It may, thus, be useful to take another look at this controversy, to ask what we have learned from it and whether it might make sense to pursue it further.

Access options available:. Reviewed by: Second language acquisition and universal grammar by Lydia White Roger Hawkins Second language acquisition and universal grammar. By Lydia White. Cambridge textbooks in linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,

Island Effects in Second Language Acquisition

A major underlying assumption of generative grammar is that the first language learner comes to the acquisition task equipped with innate, specifically linguistic, knowledge, or Universal Grammar UG. Much work has been done in trying to characterize precisely what properties of language fall within UG, and therefore do not have to be learned. Recent work assumes that many principles of UG are parameterized; that is, that they vary somewhat from language to language in their effects. This projection problem can be overcome if the child is assumed to be predisposed to deal with language input in quite restricted ways, with UG providing limitations on possible grammars. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. cс Lydia White Universal Grammar and language acquisition. 1 UG access: earlier approaches to UG and SLA.

Second Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar (2003)

Universal grammar in the second language. Universal grammar ug , in modern linguistics, is the theory of the genetic component of the language faculty, usually credited to noam chomsky. Universal grammar and second language acquisition. Although language is a separate mental organ,. Buy universal grammar and second language acquisition by white, lydia online on amazon.

Acquisition of the constraints on wanna contraction by advanced second language learners: Universal grammar and imperfect knowledge Soo-Ok Kweon and Robert Bley-Vroman Second Language Research 27 : 2 , Universal grammar in second language acquisition - nflrc. This authoritative textbook provides an overview and analysis of current second language acquisition research conducted within the generative linguistic framework.

Access options available:. Longa Catherine J. Doughty and Michael H.

Linguistic Theory in Second Language Acquisition

Universal grammar UG , in modern linguistics , is the theory of the genetic component of the language faculty , usually credited to Noam Chomsky. The basic postulate of UG is that a certain set of structural rules are innate to humans, independent of sensory experience. With more linguistic stimuli received in the course of psychological development , children then adopt specific syntactic rules that conform to UG.

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Bilinguals and knowledge of language: a commentary to “Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory”

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