toyota dashboard symbols and meanings pdf

Toyota dashboard symbols and meanings pdf

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Published: 05.05.2021

Toyota Warning Lights | Your Complete Guide


Toyota Dashboard Lights & Symbols Meanings

Toyota Warning Lights | Your Complete Guide

If the indicator flashes faster than usual: Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and contact your Toyota dealer. View Toyota dashboard light info. When the lights are turned on, the lights-on indicator light in the combination meter turns on. I have a question. A friend just called me on the phone to ask about a symbol thats displated on his corollas dashboard. Its two arrows pointing towards each other surrounded by a horseshoe shaped object.

Nowadays a car has become much more than just an easy mode of transportation. It has transcended the age where the things were manually checked after regular intervals. Those who owned the older generations of cars were usually worried if all the things under the hood, outside the car or inside the cabin were functioning well. And this was because at that time there was nothing like the car warning lights equipped on the dashboard. But now, cars have become as sophisticated as you can imagine.


Or left wondering what a certain blue or green light means? RED: This indicates a fault has been detected. You should take immediate action and not ignore red warning lights. Stop the vehicle and contact your Toyota dealership. Contact your Toyota dealership when safe to do so. This shows a feature is turned on and in operation. Servicing plans allow customers to fix the price of their vehicle's maintenance in advance - enabling customers to budget against future wear and tear or mechanical faults.

What does that dashboard light mean? We?ve got your answers. Visit the Toyota dashboard lights and symbols guide. Consult your Owner's Manual. Consult.

Toyota Dashboard Lights & Symbols Meanings

Do you know what every dashboard warning light means? For a full description of what each signal or if you are experiencing a symbol not listed, please contact our Toyota Service Department at Please note this list does NOT include every symbol. Some symbols and there features may not be equipped on your vehicle.

Car Warning Lights – What These Dashboard Lights Indicate

You can now click the Dashboard Indicator Light for a full description of what each signal means and the possible preventative measures that you can take to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

What Do These Toyota Dashboard Symbols Mean?

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