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Legal ramifications of fan fiction

Tintin in Tibet (The Adventures of Tintin 20)

24 Tintin and Alph-Art

Tintin and Alph-Art (The Adventures of Tintin 24)

Pablo Katchadjian.

Legal ramifications of fan fiction

It is a striking departure from the earlier books in tone and subject, as well as in some parts of the style; rather than being set in a usual exotic and action-packed environment, this story is largely played out in the world of modern art. The story opens with Captain Haddock having a nightmare of being visited by Bianca Castafiore , who demands that he take his medicine actually a bottle of Loch Lomond. When he refuses, as he still cannot stand the beverage after the events of the previous book, Castafiore turns into a huge bird-like creature and begins to attack Haddock. Fortunately, Tintin manages to wake him up, whereupon Tintin receives a telephone call from the real Castafiore, who tells him that she has arrived in Belgium for a few days. She continues her conversation with Tintin, telling him about her new spiritual leader, Endaddine Akass , with whom she intends to stay at his villa in Ischia , an island off the coast of Naples. Fourcart displays considerable interest in meeting Tintin. At the gallery, Haddock is pressed into purchasing a perspex letter "H" "Personalph-Art" created by Nash.

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Tintin in Tibet (The Adventures of Tintin 20)

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The story revolves around Brussels ' modern art scene, where the young reporter Tintin discovers that a local art dealer has been murdered. Investigating further, he encounters a conspiracy of art forgery, masterminded by a religious teacher named Endaddine Akass. However, it was left unfinished at the time of his death in March A selection of the original notes were collected together and published in book form by Casterman in Since that point, several other cartoonists, such as Yves Rodier , have produced their own finished, unauthorized versions of the story. Critical reception of the work has been mixed; some commentators on The Adventures of Tintin believe that if Tintin and Alph-Art had been completed, it would have been an improvement over the previous two volumes, while others have characterised such assessments as wishful thinking.

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24 Tintin and Alph-Art

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By creating your account, you accept the terms and conditions from Tintin. You accept to receive from Tintin. Plus d'informations. Although the posthumous album is only presenting the scenario and sketches of an interrupted tale, it is however the testimony of the extraordinary narrative and graphic talent of Tintin's father.

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Tintin and Alph-Art (The Adventures of Tintin 24)

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