king midas and the golden touch full story pdf

King midas and the golden touch full story pdf

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King Midas and the Golden Touch

Story: King Midas and the Golden Touch

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Once upon a time, a long time ago in ancient Greece, there lived a king named Midas. King Midas loved three things more than anything else in the world - his little daughter, his rose garden, and gold. Nothing gave him more pleasure than seeing his little daughter picking roses in the garden, roses she placed in a golden vase to decorate the castle. One night, while strolling through his rose garden, the king stumbled over a satyr. A satyr was half man, half goat.

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Published by Scholastic Inc. Written in English. Most people who know the story of King Midas will remember that Midas accidently turned his daughter into a golden statue. But here's the funny thing: most ancient stories make no mention of Midas. Survey of Pearl and Tangipahoa Rivers.

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One day Silenus, the oldest of the satyrs who was now very weak, became lost in the vineyards of King Midas. Someone found him wandering helplessly about, barely able to walk, and brought him to the king. Long ago, Silenus had acted as nurse and teacher to the little wine-god, Bacchus. Now that Silenus had grown old, Bacchus, in turn, took care of him. So King Midas sent the man who found him to carry the satyr safely to Bacchus. In return for this kindness, Bacchus promised to grant whatever King Midas might ask. King Midas knew well enough what he most desired.

King Midas and the Golden Touch

King Midas was a very greedy king. Even though he was very rich, he was craved for more and more. One day, he called his court magician and commanded, Find me a spell that can get me more treasures than I already have, The magician said, Your majesty, I can give you a power that no one else in this world has. Anything that you touch will turn into gold- The king was delighted with his good fortune. Everything he touched, turned into gold. I only want my! The magician changed everything!

The most famous King Midas is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This came to be called the golden touch , or the Midas touch. However, Homer does not mention Midas or Gordias , while instead mentioning two other Phrygian kings, Mygdon and Otreus. Another King Midas ruled Phrygia in the late 8th century BC, up until the sacking of Gordium by the Cimmerians , when he is said to have committed suicide. Most historians believe this Midas is the same person as the Mita , called king of the Mushki in Assyrian texts, who warred with Assyria and its Anatolian provinces during the same period. A third Midas is said by Herodotus to have been a member of the royal house of Phrygia and the grandfather of an Adrastus who fled Phrygia after accidentally killing his brother and took asylum in Lydia during the reign of Croesus. Phrygia was by that time a Lydian subject.

Now, the King hates gold. But now he is truly happy because he has his dear daughter. The moral of the story: The.

Story: King Midas and the Golden Touch

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Home About Contact. Long, long ago, in the ancient land of Greece, there lived a king called Midas. He was a fair King, and he ruled his kingdom wisely. The people were prosperous and content.

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