design of spigot and socket cotter joint pdf table

Design of spigot and socket cotter joint pdf table

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Jointing Procedure – Spigot and Socket Joint


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Cotter joint is used to connect two rods subjected to axial tensile or compressive loads. It is not suitable to connect rotating shafts which transmit torque. Axes of the rods to be joined should be collinear.


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Dec 21, design of socket and spigot cotter joint part number name of part 1 shaft or rod 2 socket 3 spigot 4 cotter 5 socket collar 6 spigot collar mr. The bearing stud is tapered and threaded, and fits into a tapered hole in the steering knuckle. Cotter joint article about cotter joint by the free. Let a be the event it rains today and b be the event that it rains tomorrow. Sleeve and cotter joint is a type of joint used to typically connect two similar coaxial cylindrical rods. Cotter joints may be used in areas subject to corrosion during operation, resulting in difficulty in turning rusty bolts and nuts of threaded connections.

Jointing Procedure – Spigot and Socket Joint

For design of a basic cotter joints in practical view , a classic design procedure made to follow in the practical approach. So, a design procedure was made on the basis of certain experiments. The design procedure given below :. Calculate the diameter d 2 of the spigot on the basis of tensile stress. Above expression becomes a quadratic expression.

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Table 2: Showing the comparison of results for case study 3. joints types namely; spigot and socket cotter, sleeve and cotter joint and gib and cotter twenty times over manual design at reduced cost, and providing significant time saving.


Forsheda Lamell Sliding Rubber seal permits installation with very little force as there is lubricant enclosed within the seals sliding layer, thus there is no friction between concrete pipe and rubber seal. The sliding layer, when in final position locates itself in the gap between spigot and socket and then prevents concrete to concrete contact if pipe is deflected. The relevant pipe diameter is stamped on each rubber ring.

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Design of Cotter Joint

For design of a basic cotter joints in practical view , a classic design procedure made to follow in the practical approach.

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    The taper varies from 1 in 48 to 1 in 24 and it may be increased up to 1 in 8, if a locking device is provided.

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    PDF | 1. Design of various types of riveted joints under different static loading From Table, the standard diameter of the rivet hole (d) and the rivet The dimensions for a socket and spigot cotter joint may be obtained by.

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    Joint. 4. Design of Socket and. Spigot Cotter Joint. 5. Sleeve and Cotter Joint. 6. In a socket and spigot cotter joint, one end of the rods (say A) is provided with a diameter of the threads (or diameter of the rod) may be found from Table ,​.


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