difference between smart card and magnetic stripe card pdf

Difference between smart card and magnetic stripe card pdf

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CardLogix Smart Cards

CardLogix Smart Cards

Dimensions - Financial Transaction Cards

Which is better, the smartcard or a magnetic stripe card? The smartcard vs magnetic stripe card battle is one which will probably be waged in South Africa for a few years to come. Internationally, however, the smartcard is gaining ground as service providers realise its advantages.

CardLogix Smart Cards

Which is better, the smartcard or a magnetic stripe card? The smartcard vs magnetic stripe card battle is one which will probably be waged in South Africa for a few years to come. Internationally, however, the smartcard is gaining ground as service providers realise its advantages. Already having established themselves in Europe as the leading smartcard suppliers, ICT's shareholder Orga recently launched a smartcard-based mobile office for use in health care. The system provides a completely portable data collection and records system for people receiving care at home and at regional health centres.

The card is able to store the patient's biographic details, the diagnosis, the treatment received as well as prescriptions. This enables up-to-date records to be held on the card at all times and is accessible only by authorised health care practitioners.

The average smartcard microprocessor is 16 KB at present - with a 32 KB chip having being launched in South Africa recently. Furthermore, it seems that the smartcard, because it can store so much more information than the magnetic stripe card, ensures that there is no need for masses of data storage hardware. This not only cuts down on the cost of the hardware, but also cuts down on administration.

In the case of a medical smartcard, there is no need to write out a prescription, there is no need to fill in forms if and when you change medical service providers and there is no need to send out statements as the information and payment details are encrypted directly on to the card.

For a magnetic stripe card to work, the service provider is required to swipe the card, the card then processes the information via an on-line system and will then authorise the card.

A smart card works off-line and does not need to be processed on-line. This saves time and it saves on employment costs. In the case of loyalty programmes, if a service providers system is off-line and a magstripe card is being used, the consumer will be required to come back the following day, in a few hours time or even to phone-in to a queries line.

This means that the retailer is compelled to have toll-free lines as well as extra personnel to deal with the queries. When one looks at the costs of purchasing a smartcard to that of a magnetic stripe card, the smartcard appears more costly being priced at approximately R7 each compared to the magnetic stripe cards which cost approximately R1 each. Although the initial cost of the magnetic stripe card is lower, one must remember that a magnetic stripe card will require replacing after approximately two years, whilst the life of a smartcard is approximately five years or longer.

This, added to the cost savings that a smartcard provides in personnel, hardware and administration, should be taken into account when deciding which option would be best. I do feel that in this day and age of technology becoming more sophisticated by the hour, the smartcard is something every service provider should consider using. For details contact Integrated Card Technology on tel: The authoritative resource for physical and converged security.

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CardLogix Smart Cards

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You probably know that chip cards offer much better fraud protection and help prevent chargebacks than the now antiquated magnetic stripe cards, but what are the specific differences between the two? And how does that affect the decisions your business should make? These are important questions to have answers to when designing your payment processing solutions model, and knowing the differences will help you make better business decisions. The actual stripe is on the backside of the card, and it uses modified iron-based magnetic particles to communicate data between the strip and the receiving credit card terminal. Magnetic stripe cards simply serve as static storage devices to be read by the terminal. The terminal then performs a card swipe, PIN encryption, and signature capture function.

Table 1 summarizes the key differences between smart cards and magnetic stripe cards for healthcare applications. As the costs for smart cards and smart card.

Dimensions - Financial Transaction Cards

It commonly refers to a credit card with a smart chip. The EMV standard is a security technology used worldwide for all payments done with credit, debit, and prepaid EMV smart cards. EMV chip cards use a smart chip instead of a mag stripe to store the data that is needed to process a transaction. EMV brings increased security and global interoperability to card and mobile payments, even in card-not-present payments, if coupled with a card reader or one-time password device.

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EMV Chip Card vs. Magnetic Stripe Card

This guide walks you through all the important considerations you'll need to know when selecting an ID card printer.


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    The circular metal contact is vital to connect to the chip below and activate the card electrically.

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