classification and tabulation of data in statistics pdf

Classification and tabulation of data in statistics pdf

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Key Differences Between Classification and Tabulation

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The primary difference between classification and tabulation is that the process of classifying data int groups is known as classification of data, whereas tabulation is the act of presenting data in tabular form, for better interpretation. After the collection of data is completed, it is prepared for analysis. As the data is raw, it needs to be transformed in such a way, that it is appropriate for analysis.

Key Differences Between Classification and Tabulation

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Home Consumer Insights Market Research. Quantitative data is defined as the value of data in the form of counts or numbers where each data-set has an unique numerical value associated with it. This data is any quantifiable information that can be used for mathematical calculations and statistical analysis, such that real-life decisions can be made based on these mathematical derivations. This data can be verified and can also be conveniently evaluated using mathematical techniques. There are values associated with most measuring parameters such as pounds or kilograms for weight, dollars for cost etc. Quantitative data makes measuring various parameters controllable due to the ease of mathematical derivations they come with.

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Classification is prepared to analyze the collected data whereas tabulation is used to present the collected data. The major difference between classification and tabulation is how they use the data. Classification is the method of arranging the data into different groups based on their characteristics whereas the method of presenting data in a more organized way so it is easier to interpret and compare them is known as Tabulation. Classification is made after collecting the data while tabulation is made after classification. After the process of collecting data is done it then needs to be examined. At this stage the data is raw and for it to be ready for analysis it needs to go through a process of editing.

Total Pageviews. Introduction to Statistics. In the general word statistics means the collection of numerical data for its further use. In the other words statistics means numerical data. He defined that statistics are numerical statements of facts in any department of enquiry placed in relation to each other.

In everyday life, in business and industry, certain statistical information is necessary and it is independent to know where to find it how to collect it. As.

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Tabulation is the systematic arrangement of the statistical data in columns or rows. It involves the orderly and systematic presentation of numerical data in a form designed to explain the problem under consideration. Tabulation helps in drawing the inference from the statistical figures. Tabulation prepares the ground for analysis and interpretation. Therefore a suitable method must be decided carefully taking into account the scope and objects of the investigation, because it is very important part of the statistical methods.

Classification and tabulation of data. The collected data is usually contained in schedules and questionnaires. But that is not in an easily assailable form. The answers will require some analysis if their salient points are to be brought out. As a rule, the first step in the analysis is to classify and tabulate the information collected, or, if published statistics have been employed, rearrange these into new groups and tabulate the new rearrangement.

Difference Between Classification and Tabulation

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    It enables us to. Page 3. Classification and Tabulation of Data 3 study the relationship between several characteristics and make further statistical treatment like.

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    CLASSIFICATION AND TABULATION. Nariman Yahya Othman. Classification and Tabulation. The data collected for the purpose of a statistical inquiry some.

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    This process is known as Classification and Tabulation. We can include a huge volume of data in a simple statistical table and one can easily get an overview.

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    CHAPTER 1 Classification and Tabulation of Data INTRODUCTION The word 'statistics' has been derived from the Latin word 'status'. In the plural sense it​.


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