ballast construction documents and services pdf

Ballast construction documents and services pdf

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Ballast Water

Ballast Water Management – new requirements and operational challenges

Hazardous Material Management for Construction Projects

For Suppliers & Subcontractors

Thank you for fulfilling your contract with Ballast Nedam. To check the status of an invoice, you will need the invoice number, invoice date and invoice amount.

Ballast Water

With the train speed and axle load increasing, excessive stresses are produced and transmitted to the ballast layer, inducing rapid ballast degradation. To solve this issue, the under sleeper pads USPs have been widely applied between sleepers and ballast particles as the elastic layer. In this research, laboratory tests using half-sleeper track were carried out to study the ballast bed performance with or without the USPs under static and cyclic loading. Results show that applying the USPs reduces the track stiffness and can decrease the settlement. However, installing the USPs increases the ballast bed acceleration and the sleeper vertical acceleration.

According to IMO estimates, ships carry some 3 billion tons to 5 billion tons of ballast water globally each year. Ballast water management for ships shall be made in accordance with the following Standards under this Convention. The below documents are to be kept on board not only ships applied with Regulation D-2 ballast water performance standard but also those with only Regulation D-1 ballast water exchange standard. Since it is expected that a lot of initial survey applications for issuance of the certificate might be rushed into submission to ClassNK before 8 September , please apply well in advance for the initial survey at the earliest opportunity for the smooth issuance. ClassNK implement initial survey to confirm that required documents and equipment are provided onboard, and issue the certificate IBWMC on behalf of some flag Administration. Also, prior to the initial survey, it is necessary that the onboard documents and revised drawing be approved; please submit them to ClassNK Machinery Department beforehand.

Ballast Water Management – new requirements and operational challenges

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UNC Environment, Health and Safety EHS will provide oversight and review documentation of the waste management activities for all construction wastes generated by contractors and consultants. This includes but is not limited to the waste determination and includes sampling and testing, storage, transportation, and ultimate disposal of construction wastes. All wastes generated from construction demolition must be pre-determined as to waste type prior to storage and disposal to comply with all state and federal regulations. If a waste is determined to be a hazardous waste, PCB waste, universal waste or non-hazardous waste including recyclables , contractors and consultants must follow the construction waste management processes provided in this document. If the project team is unsure if a waste fits one of the above categories, the team should consult with EHS for further waste determination guidance.

Hazardous Material Management for Construction Projects

This statutory news provides a summary of relevant guidance on various aspects of ballast water management such as on new IMO requirements for biological testing by sampling at commissioning of ballast water management systems and on contingency measures. It also includes recommendations for IOPP re-coupling and handling of typical operational challenges. Biological testing by sampling at ballast water management system BWMS commissioning is done to confirm that a BWMS installed on a ship meets the D-2 discharge standard.

For Suppliers & Subcontractors

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Having recently completed this long process, the series examines my journey and the various things I learned along the way. Click here to see all the posts of my Architecture Registration Exam Series. Click here for a link to their website.

Ballast Mechanical Performance with and without Under Sleeper Pads

Ballast Water Management Convention

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Technical Circular No :102/2017

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