removal and recovery of heavy metals by biosorption pdf

Removal and recovery of heavy metals by biosorption pdf

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2018, Number S2

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Application of Biosorption for Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater

Considerable attention has been focused in recent years upon the field of biosorption for the removal of metal ions from aqueous effluents. Compared to other technologies, the advantages of biosorption are the high purity of the treated waste water and the cheap raw material. Really, the first major challenge for the biosorption field is to select the most promising types of biomass.

2018, Number S2

Metrics details. Thus, the biomass produced from mannanase production process as a byproduct was evaluated as a biosorbent for the removal and recovery of some heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions and an industrial wastewater. The biosorption process of copper II by Aspergillus tamarii NRC 3 biomass was affected by changing of time, temperature, pH, metal ions concentration, the presence of some heavy metals, and biomass concentration. Recovery of the sorbed metal ions by desorbing agents and the potential reuse of the regenerated biomass in metal ions uptake reloading were evaluated. Heavy metal ions are released into the environment by several industrial processes.

chapter and author info

Key words:. Achanzar, W. Cancer Research, 61 2 , Ahluwalia, S. Microbial and plant derived biomass for removal of heavy metals from wastewater. Bioresource Technology, 98 12 ,

Human and industrial activities produce and discharge wastes containing heavy metals into the water resources making them unavailable and threatening human health and the ecosystem. Conventional methods for the removal of metal ions such as chemical precipitation and membrane filtration are extremely expensive when treating large amounts of water, inefficient at low concentrations of metal incomplete metal removal and generate large quantities of sludge and other toxic products that require careful disposal. Biosorption and bioaccumulation are ecofriendly alternatives. These alternative methods have advantages over conventional methods. Abundant natural materials like microbial biomass, agro-wastes, and industrial byproducts have been suggested as potential biosorbents for heavy metal removal due to the presence of metal-binding functional groups.

Request PDF | Removal and Recovery of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution Using Papaya Wood as a New Biosorbent | Papaya wood was.

Application of Biosorption for Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater

This strategy may be a sustainable option for the utilization of such wastes. The influence of the most important operating parameters of the biosorption process was analyzed in batch experiments, and optimal conditions were found to include initial solution pH 5. Kinetics analyses show that the maximum of biosorption was quickly reached and could be described by a pseudo-second order kinetic model. The results of this study suggest that mustard waste biomass can be used for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous media. The substitution of petroleum-derived fuels, which are increasingly scarce and are important contributors to global warming, with renewable biodiesel is a goal for many researchers [ 1 ].

Leung, M. Wong, H. Chua, W. Lo, P. Yu, C.

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Recent trends in the biosorption of heavy metals: A review

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    Heavy metal waste treatment often uses dangerous chemicals.


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