duties and responsibilities of headmaster in school pdf

Duties and responsibilities of headmaster in school pdf

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The Role of Elementary and Secondary School Principals

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A head teacher is the most senior teacher and leader of a school, responsible for the education of all pupils, management of staff, and for school policy making. Head teachers are the most senior teachers and leaders of primary and secondary schools, sixth-form colleges and, less commonly, further education colleges. Head teachers are ultimately responsible for the smooth running of a school, the academic achievement of its pupils and the management of its staff. Head teachers lead, motivate and manage staff by delegating responsibility, setting expectations and targets and evaluating staff performance against them.


Effective school principals care deeply about student success and recognize that test scores are not the only measure of a quality education. By immersing themselves in all aspects of the school system, principals monitor daily activities, as well as emerging issues.

No day is the same because of the varied responsibilities of the job. If you are a visionary leader with effective communication skills and a desire to provide diverse students with an exceptional education, you may have what it takes to confidently serve in the role of a school principal.

Functions of a principal at an elementary, middle or high school are similar, whether the setting is public or private. The role of a principal is to provide strategic direction in the school system.

Principals develop standardized curricula, assess teaching methods, monitor student achievement, encourage parent involvement, revise policies and procedures, administer the budget, hire and evaluate staff and oversee facilities. Other important duties entail developing safety protocols and emergency response procedures.

Work often includes attending school functions after hours, such as basketball games, concerts, plays, parent conferences and school board meetings. Having a visible presence shows interest and dedication to students. Often problems arise which need immediate attention, such as a student disciplinary issue or a call from a worried parent whose child is struggling in the classroom. Legislative emphasis on measurable student outcomes requires principals to collaborate with teachers to set and achieve high-performance goals.

Principals must always be ready to answer questions from the public about how the school is rectifying any achievement gaps between diverse groups of students and performance overall. If you already have classroom teaching experience, you will have a jump-start on this career. Prior teaching experience, along with a Master of Science degree, is typically preferred or needed for hire. Many aspiring principals spend a few years teaching to better understand student needs and teacher concerns.

Other requirements may include an internship and maintaining a portfolio of accomplishments in the program. Most states also expect principal candidates to pass a background check. Principals work in elementary, middle or high schools in the private or public sector.

Most principal jobs are in the public schools. They typically work long hours and attend many events and meetings outside the normal school day.

Principals find it rewarding to work with children and families, but the job can also be stressful. Principals are under intense pressure to meet achievement standards, solve budget shortfalls, prevent bullying, continually update technology and hire qualified teachers. According to the U. That means half of all principals earned more than that amount, and the other half earned less.

After working in the field for a while, some principals get more education, such as a doctorate, and become a school superintendent, overseeing the operations of an entire school district. Demand for principals is expected to increase by 8 percent between and That is about the same percentage increase as all other jobs. Several factors influence the number of expected principal openings, such as projected enrollment, available funding for new schools and the retirement of principals in the baby boomer demographic.

Helping students succeed has been her passion while serving in many areas of student affairs and adjunct teaching. Currently she is a dean of students at a large, public university. By Dr.

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The Role of Elementary and Secondary School Principals

As such, the role of the school head involves performing administrative and management functions. He should convene the meetings of the staff and discuss with the teachers their activities and programmes for the whole year. Headteachers should provide opportunities, e. Some of the functions of the Headteacher in maintaining such an environment are as follows: Establishing Security and Safety Committee. He must also see that various registers needed for different purposes are there in the school. In case of need fresh staff will be recruited before the actual functioning of the school. In this regard, he must organize the following items: The head of a school must organize the instructional work.

The school principal is the highest-ranking administrator in an elementary, middle, or high school. Principals typically report directly to the school superintendent, but may report to the superintendent's designee, usually an associate superintendent, in larger school districts. The highest-ranking school level administrator in some private schools is called the head master. Head masters have many of the same responsibilities as principals, but they may engage in additional activities such as fund-raising. In some school districts, a single person functions as superintendent and principal. Principals, head masters, and others who are responsible for the overall operation of a school are often called school leaders. In an era of shared decision-making and site-based management, the term school leader may also be used in reference to other school administrators and leaders within the school such as assistant principals, lead teachers, and others who participate in school leadership activities.

The headmastership and leadership are synonymous in education. He is the key person charged with responsibilities of improving instruction. By actually teaching​.

functions of school head pdf

A school does not exist without students, teachers, administration and management staff. Headmasters of educational units are more and more often identified with managers, leaders, people managing a school turning out new generations of students each year. The educational market is highly competitive, in addition to public schools private schools are also founded and they enjoy greater and greater popularity. It will depend on the manner of managing the school and the headmaster's decisions whether in the time perspective a given educational unit will stay in the market or it will cease to exist.

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Use this principal job description sample to advertise your vacancies and find the best employees for your school. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs. Post now on job boards. Principals oversee all higher-level operations in a school. They create a safe learning environment and set performance goals both for students and teachers, and oversee the process so that those goals are attained. Principals supervise teachers and education staff and keep track of student performance. They ensure that school facilities remain safe for students and faculty and plan regular maintenance of school grounds and equipment.


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