difference between 8085 and 8051 microcontroller pdf

Difference between 8085 and 8051 microcontroller pdf

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8085 and 8051 presentation

Content: 8085 Vs 8086

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It is an online portal that gives an enhanced way of learning and guidance in various fields of engineering which include robotics, electronics, communication,computer science, embedded systems and its real life applications. Microprocessor Micro Controller Microprocessor is heart of Computer system.

A microcontroller is a chip optimized to control electronic devices. It is stored in a single integrated circuit which is dedicated to performing a particular task and execute one specific application. It is specially designed circuits for embedded applications and is widely used in automatically controlled electronic devices.

8085 and 8051 presentation

We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. A summary of the differences between Compatibility and Fast modes is given in Table on page , selectable between the crystal oscillator, an externally driven clock and an internal 1. These pins.

They are the most common available microprocessors. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between and microprocessor. A microprocessor is an electronic chip that functions as a central processing unit or the brain of a computer or microcontroller. It is made up of millions of transistors, diodes and resistors and it is responsible for any arithmetic or logical operation. There are different types of Microprocessors classified based on various features.

Content: 8085 Vs 8086

Microcontroller and Microprocessor both terms seem similar but there is a huge difference between these two ICs. Both ICs have different applications and have their own advantages and disadvantages. They can be differentiated in terms of Applications, structure, internal parameters, power consumption, and cost. The microprocessor is used in an application where the task is not predefined and it is assigned by the user. It is used in computers, mobiles, video games, TVs, etc where the task is not fixed and it depends on the user.

It is an example of a complex instruction set computer , and has separate memory spaces for program instructions and data. This made them more suitable for battery-powered devices. Some derivatives integrate a digital signal processor DSP. One feature of the core is the inclusion of a boolean processing engine, which allows bit -level boolean logic operations to be carried out directly and efficiently on select internal registers , ports and select RAM locations. Another feature is the inclusion of four bank selectable working register sets, which greatly reduce the time required to perform the context switches to enter and leave interrupt service routines. With one instruction, the can switch register banks, avoiding the time-consuming task of transferring the critical registers to RAM.

Both and are two major microprocessors designed by Intel. However, the crucial difference between and microprocessor is that an microprocessor is an 8-bit microprocessor i. As against is a bit microprocessor, that can perform operation on bit data in one cycle. There exist various other factors that create significant differences between and microprocessor. In this section, we will discuss the other differences between and microprocessor using a comparison chart.

Functions of Registers of Microprocessor. Electrical Characteristics of Intel Microprocessor Programming Microcontroller.

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Microcontrollers - 8051 Architecture

So serial peripherals can be interfaced with directly.


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    is the microcontroller developed by Intel. Following are the features of Microcontroller: • It houses 8 bit CPU. • 4 KByte.

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