genre anxiety and racial representations in 1970s cinema george lipsitz pdf

Genre anxiety and racial representations in 1970s cinema george lipsitz pdf

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Refiguring American film genres: history and theory

Olivia Carter Mather

Refiguring American film genres : history and theory

On Monday, May 25 , two moments of antiblack racism — the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis and Amy Cooper's call to with the false report that "an African American man is threatening my life" — spurred protests and heated dialogue about white supremacy and white Americans' responsibility in dismantling it. For those who want to take anti-racist action but don't know where to begin, below is a list of books about racism — anti-blackness in particular — and white privilege. For further reading, or for resources beyond books, you can find more lists here , here , and here.

Refiguring American film genres: history and theory

Urban Poverty Movies have tended to portray poverty as environmentally caused and sustained, often directing ambitious characters toward criminality with a to-understand-all-is-to-forgive-all logic. Subsequent white underclass movies followed this pattern, but more recently the American Dream has reasserted itself in popular underclass films, sounding a more positive note. In an era when the nation was transformed by industrialization and immigration, movies conceived poverty very largely as an urban phenomenon. Would they lose their jobs?

Singh is an assistant professor of law and civic engagement at California State University, Monterey Bay In , Dr. The podcast uses yoga as a jumping-off point to center Black and Brown relations. She spent a year in Kerala engaged in a groundbreaking ethnographic study of yoga tourism and the lives of Indian yoga teachers — Yoga, lays the groundwork for an emergent intersectional field. Website: www. Resonance 27 July ; 1 2 : —

Olivia Carter Mather

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book considers memory as a specific framework for the study of popular film, intervening in growing debates about the status and function of memory in cultural life and discourse. It examines the relationship between official and popular history and the constitution of memory narratives in and around the production and consumption of American cinema. The book explores the political stakes of cinematic discourse in its production of national memory. It also examines the discursive and institutional apparatus that has come to support the memory of Classic Hollywood in British cultural life. The book also considers both the presence of music and colour in nostalgia films of the s and the impact of digital and video technologies on the representational determinants of mediated memory. As a technology able to picture and embody the temporality of the past, cinema has become central to the mediation of memory in modern cultural life.

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George Lipsitz, "Genre Anxiety and Racial Representation in s Cinema," in Nick. Browne, ed., Refiguring American Film Genres, History, and Theory (Los.

Refiguring American film genres : history and theory

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The film casts blackness as an absurd modality of critical dialogism with, among other things, the history of American animation, the New South ideal, vernacular cosmopolitanism, the blaxploitation film cycle, the cultural imperialism of Disney, and the countercultural comix of the s. Through a textual analysis devoted to one scene of Coonskin, the chapter discusses the ideological texture of the film. Coonskin is a difficult film that challenges by exaggerating and redirecting the cathected intention of stereotypicality.

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Whiteness Studies I. Whiteness Studies. These two articles evaluate the way historians have approached the subject. The first article, originally published in the Journal of American History in , examines the development of whiteness studies in the s, and the second, which appears here for the first time, provides an update on more recent trends. The articles find considerable potential in whiteness studies, but also point to serious conceptual and methodological problems that deserve attention. Estudios sobre los blancos. All around us, American historians and scholars in related disciplines from sociology and law to cultural studies and education are writing books with titles such as The white scourge , How the Irish became white , Making whiteness , The possessive investment in whiteness , and Critical white studies 3.


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